Technological advances, globalisation, crises, social changes – the current context accelerates the change needed to help brands and companies grow. Winissimo offers three approaches to support you in change and progress: Evolutive Advertising, Evolutive Branding and Evolutive Ideas.



Winissimo’s Funnel is a strategic approach that generate long-term positioning capable of withstanding the changes brands undergo. Our Funel creates a world and tells a story. It defines the soul of the brand. It acts as a gateway opening out on to strategic principles and creative thinking. It analyses and streamlines in order to narrow down potential ideas and offer a strategic platform that serves as the bedrock for everything we create.

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Creative Board

Our Creative Board is an original approach that enlightens advertisers, allowing them to assess how pertinent our concepts are. Drawing on a strategic platform, our advertisers are equipped with all the criteria required to objectively measure how well the advertising concept performs.

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Media spirit

Our Media Spirit is an approach that mirrors audiences as closely as possible in order to better target objectives and communication channels (media, BTL, digital, etc.). Media Spirit facilitates smart transitioning between campaign, communication concept and space purchasing, whatever the platform: media, web, print, etc.

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Brands today need to make change a part of their identity: failure to adapt in order to move forward is synonymous with taking one step backwards!

Evolutive Branding

Winissimo’s Evolutive Branding is an approach that supports brands through change. We craft a sturdy bedrock through positioning (reason), territory (emotion) and a story (vision), helping the brand follow trends and changes, whether endemic, economic or structural.

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Evolutive Pack

Drawing on our branding platform, we are equipped with all the components needed to support brands and their products in mass communication campaigns. Packaging, POS advertising and stands are areas of expertise we develop with a focus on brand cohesiveness.

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Evolutive Ideas

Winissimo operates as a laboratory of sector-specific expertise dedicated to companies seeking to expand and enhance their strategies. We bring together corporate and agency representatives as well as external stakeholders, from economists and anthropologists to philosophers and think tank specialists. We structure ideas around a single product, brand or company challenge. Evolutive Ideas is an opportunity for companies to expand their field of potential ideas and to investigate all solutions for change.

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Belief n°1

The market doesn’t make the advertising. The advertising makes the market.


The Managers

We are passionate about every aspect of communication.
We pool our differences to allow our complementary skills to shine through.

Jean-Paul Rivière Jean-Paul Rivière CEO

Jean-Paul Rivière


Jean-Paul Rivière
About Jean-Paul…

Armed with his PhD in Arts, Jean-Paul quickly left the world of teaching for advertising. A razor-sharp mind brimming with ideas, this former creative knows how to cut straight to the heart of the matter to untangle the most complex of conundrums. Jean-Paul has worked with large and small brands alike, always with the same ultimate goal of assisting them through their development: Airbus, Bausch&Lomb, Bjorg, Cacharel, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole, Delpeyrat, Ligier, L’Oréal, Renault, Royal Canin, Rustica, Saint-Mamet, Sothys, Sud Radio, Triconfort, Vilmorin…
Jean-Paul Rivière is the author of Quand la Pub Aura des Dents.

His story…

Joined Winissimo in late 2013.
CEO of the Rivière&co Group for 16 years.
Jean-Paul has led creative teams in large groups such as Young & Rubicam and Publicis.

Valerie Genevois Valerie Genevois Creative Director

Valerie Genevois

Creative Director

Valerie Genevois
About Valérie…

A trained psychologist, Valérie is one of those rare few creatives who strives to strike a balance between form and content, images and words, originality and classical style. A stranger to empty, gratuitous creativity, she crafts on-target and original ideas designed to help brands stand out and enjoy longevity. Valérie has flexed her creative muscles for Repetto, Asics, Mobilier de France, Lévitan, Beurre de Baignes, Révillon, Locamion, Auchan, Heineken, Point P, Kaufman&Broad, Tisséo, Airbus and Mont Tauch, as well as for a variety of Public Institutions and Social Security Unions.

Her story…

Joined Winissimo in late 2013.
Creative director for the Rivière&co Group for 15 years.
9 years working in concepts and copywriting for international groups: Ayer, Euro RSCG (Havas Group).
French DESS postgraduate diploma in Psycho-Sociology.

Maxime Lombard Maxime Lombard Art Director

Maxime Lombard

Art Director

Maxime Lombard
About Maxime…

Maxime is a visuals man concerned with finding the right communication concept and doing it justice. Like Leonardo da Vinci, he believes “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Maxime has lent his talents to brands such as Sony, Orange, Nexity, Reebok, La Caisse d’Épargne and Universal before putting them to use for the benefit of Winissimo clients.

His story…

Joined Winissimo in late 2013.
He decided to move to the South of France as a freelancer in 2009.
In Paris, Maxime learnt his trade as Artistic Director at Challenger House (Publicis Group) and Apache Conseil.
Maxime is a graduate of the Maryse Éloy art school (Paris).



Our partners regularly intervene in the agency’s projects.

Belief N°2

Emotion is stronger than thought.


Whether they’re experiencing gradual development or a sudden growth spurt, we support their brands, products and services in their quest for innovation.

Belief N°3

In advertising, the greatest risk is to not take any.


Ideas, ideas – ideas everywhere. We're here to highlight the defining characteristics of the brands who entrust their communications to us. See a selection of our latest projects.

Belief N°4

A strong tradition is a successful innovation.


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